Are Oranges Good for Diabetics

woman eating orange slice

Oranges are tasty, versatile and a well-known fruit to people around the world. Their sweetness and slight tartness make them popular in several drinks and dishes. But because oranges are sweet and contain mostly carbs, are oranges good for diabetics? You may be quick to push them aside because of their natural sugar but oranges … Read more

Insulin Needle Sizes

insulin needles lined together

Taking insulin is part of everyday life for many people with diabetes. While there’s different ways to take insulin, the traditional syringe is still widely used today. But syringes come in different insulin needle sizes that can impact the comfort insulin injections. We take a close look at insulin syringes and needles, how they’re different … Read more

Insulin Basics

syringe needle with syringes in background

Insulin is a vital hormone for controlling blood sugar levels and for people with diabetes, it can be life-saving treatment. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or know someone with diabetes, read about the insulin basics including how it works, the types of insulin and other key facts of this important medication. What is Insulin Insulin is … Read more

Best Time of Day to Walk

walking in the morning

Walking is an easy, light intensity exercise and offers benefits for people with type 2 diabetes. But what’s the best time of day to walk? Below we talk about reasons why you may want to walk in the morning or evening, and the importance of timing walks after meals. But overall, the best time for … Read more

Natural Alternatives to Metformin

natural supplements on leaf

Metformin is common medication used to treat type 2 diabetes and has been widely used for decades. But some people may not want to deal with Metformin’s mild side effects or prefer a more natural approach to help with their diabetes. In this article, we explore natural alternatives to Metformin – like Berberine, Gymnema Sylvestre, … Read more

Diabetic Snacks Before Bed: Good or Bad Idea?

avocado with smoked salmon

Blood sugar levels can change while your sleeping, which could be a problem if you have diabetes. Eating a bedtime snack may help – but it can’t just be any snack if you’re trying to control blood sugar levels. We explain what causes blood sugar changes overnight, why protein-rich low carb diabetic snacks before bed … Read more