Is Fish Good for Diabetics?

piles of fish on ice

Finding the right foods is not always easy for people with diabetes.  You have to think twice and make smart choices for proper blood sugar control. So is fish good for diabetics? Definitely yes!  Fish is a great source of protein and very low in carbs so it won’t spike blood sugar levels.  Read about … Read more

Glucerna Ingredients: Good for Diabetes?

vanilla drink in glass on table

Glucerna is one of the few drink products meant for people with diabetes to help control blood sugar. And some diabetes care providers may recommend it as part of diabetes diet. But when taking a closer look at the Glucerna ingredients, its carb content and artificial additives don’t convince us that this is helpful for … Read more

Berberine Vs Metformin

random pills and supplements on table

People with type 2 diabetes have probably heard of both Metformin and Berberine because they have a lot in common. Both are very good at blood sugar control, inexpensive, and have been around for years. But one is an FDA-approved medication and the other is a natural supplement. So what are the differences? We compare … Read more

Shrimp and Diabetes

shrimp on white plate with cocktail sauce

We know following a diabetes diet can be hard. Avoiding carbs, watching calories and having to think about what you can eat makes managing diabetes a chore. But if you enjoy eating shrimps you’re in luck – because they’re tasty, easy to cook, and doesn’t cause blood sugar spikes. Read about why shrimp and diabetes … Read more

Coolers for Insulin Pens (Top 5 Guide)

cover photo with different insulin coolers

For people with diabetes, insulin is life-saving medication and keeping unopened insulin cold is important so it stays effective. But keeping insulin cold can be a hassle when going out or travelling. In this guide, we do a deep dive on 5 coolers for insulin pens and look at cooling methods, size and convenience, and … Read more

Cream Cheese and Diabetes

cream cheese in bowl with spreader

Cream cheese is a food that we all know and love but is it OK for people with Type 2 diabetes? The answer is a little more than just a “yes” or “no.” It’s a low carb food with a good amount of calories so when eaten by itself, cream cheese and diabetes can be … Read more

Best Protein Powder for Diabetics

a man holding a drink in a plastic tumbler

Muscles are important for people with diabetes because they absorb blood sugar and help keep blood glucose levels within healthy range. Getting enough protein in the day can be harder than it sounds and protein powders are a quick and easy way to get the protein you need. But there’s a bunch of powders on … Read more