Best Protein Powder for Diabetics

Muscles are important for people with diabetes because they absorb blood sugar and help keep blood glucose levels within healthy range. Getting enough protein in the day can be harder than it sounds and protein powders are a quick and easy way to get the protein you need. But there’s a bunch of powders on the market – so what’s the best protein powder for diabetics?

The DiaBettr team tested over a dozen powders to find the ideal protein powder for people with diabetes. We looked closely at: 1) protein content and quality 2) health benefits, 3) and costs. And of course, all the protein powders we ranked are low carb or have low added sugar to help you stay on track with blood glucose targets. 

Our top pick protein powder for people with diabetes is Naked Nutrition’s Grass-fed whey protein. You’ll get high-quality, grass-fed whey protein with zero additives at an affordable cost of about $1.30 per drink. And it’s higher in quality and lower in carbs than pre-made diabetes drinks like Glucerna.

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Short on Time? Here’s Our Best Protein Powders for Diabetics in 2022

  1. Naked Nutrition Grass-fed Whey Protein: 100% pure whey concentrate protein from grass-fed pastured cows, no additives, sweeteners – all for a very reasonable price.
  2. Transformation Protein: A performance blend of egg, collagen and plant-based proteins for a more complete powder and an impressive 30g of protein per shake.
  3. Sprout Living Epic Protein: Certified organic and multi-source plant based protein blend with a notable 26 grams of protein, making it one of the best vegan options out there.
  4. MyProtein Impact Protein Blend: Good value whey protein blend, great if you’re an everyday drinker but don’t want to break the bank.
  5. LivWell Nutrition Vanilla Protein Blend: Raw organic vegan protein but with low protein content and price could be better.

Best Protein Powder for Diabetics (2022)

1. Naked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein – Pure Protein Without the Cheap Fillers

naked nutrition
  • Grass-fed whey concentrate with 25g of protein per serving and over 15 amino acids
  • High in healthy fats and compounds to support the immune system
  • Sugar free protein powder and tested for heavy metals
  • Bland taste so may be better with other ingredients or drinks
  • Standard 5lb size container lasts longer and saves more money

Naked Nutrition’s Grass-Fed Whey Protein powder ranks #1 on our list because it checks all the boxes on protein content and quality, supplemental health benefits, and costs.

Quality protein powder

You get high quality protein powder from pure grass-fed whey protein concentrate, made up 82% protein and has all essential amino acids your body needs.

It offers a solid 25g of protein per serving, which is on par with other protein powders. But Naked Nutrition doesn’t have all the additives and artificial sweeteners like most powders.

Compared to typical grain-fed cows, grass-fed cows gives you more health benefits. Grass-fed cows have more healthy fats, like Omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid, to help improve your heart health.

Great Price for Grass-Fed Protein

The cost ranks well because the standard 5lb container (or even 8lb) gives you a fairly low price per serving. Their standard size is good for 76 servings, which come out to only $1.25 per shake.

That’s actually a really good price for high quality, grass-fed protein that’s not stuffed with additives and fillers. Plus, the 5lb will last for over 2 months even if you’re drinking one shake a day.

Neutral Flavor

The unflavored version only has 2 grams of total sugars so no surprise that it tasted neutral, almost bland. We actually prefer the neutral taste but if you need more flavor, this unsweetened protein powder makes a great base for smoothies or added into other drinks.

For texture, we got a lot of foam and froth using a hand shaker. But if you don’t shake it as hard, then you can avoid a lot of the froth. The frothing could be because they don’t add thickeners or stabilizers and using a blender will likely give you a smoother texture.

close up of naked nutrition powder
Close up of scoop of Naked Nutrition powder

Save More with Discounts and Subscriptions

We know the $95 sticker price looks high but Naked Nutrition gives you ways to save. You can get their grass-fed whey protein for a few payments of about $20 with Naked Nutrition’s Afterpay. Or get 20% off when you subscribe to regular deliveries.

Plus right now you can get an extra 10% off any order with their coupon “NAKED10”.

2. Transformation Protein Powder – Premium Blend and Enhanced for Performance

  • Impressive 30g of protein per serving – higher than most protein powders
  • Premium blend of egg, collagen peptides and plant proteins
  • Enhanced with MCT oil for quick energy and probiotics for gut health
  • Free of dairy, whey, soy, gluten and casein for better digestion
  • Pricey and sold in only size

Transformation Protein ranks high for us because of the high protein content and premium quality. And with 160 calories a shake, it makes a filling low carb snack (or a meal replacement) while helping your body build muscle without spiking your blood glucose levels. But this protein powder is definitely on the pricey side and is only sold in one size so it gets knocked down to #2 on our list.

High Protein Content per Serving

What sets apart Transformation Protein is you get a whopping 30g of protein. This is definitely impressive when a lot of other powders are around the mid-20g per serving. They use a blend of egg white , collagen peptide, pea protein isolate and pumpkin seed proteins.

Their protein blend also gives you health benefits. Collagen promotes healthy skin, hair and joints. Eggs are packed with essential amino acids. And plant proteins are easier for digestion.

The company claims their blend of plant- and animal-based proteins give you both fast and slow absorption to help with recovery.

Close up view of the Transformation Protein package

Enhanced with MCT and Probiotics

Transformation Protein is enhanced with MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) coconut oil, which is a type of fat that’s easier digested than long-chain triglycerides and can give you a quick boost of energy.

We did feel more alert and energized from the MCT. People with diabetes will love having the quick energy but without the added sugar to trigger blood sugar spikes.

Close-up view of Transformation Protein packaging

It also has prebiotics and probiotics to promote better gut health. To be fair, you’ll need to drink it for a few days to see how well Transformation Protein’s pre/probiotics works so we can’t comment on its effectiveness.

Good Flavor and Texture

We tried their “Vanilla Ice Cream” flavor with milk and it tasted great, while not being overly sweet. And we really liked how their vanilla flavor didn’t have the artificial, sugary taste that other protein powder drinks tend to have.

And there’s only 4g of net carbs using monkfruit (a natural, zero calorie sweetener), making it good option for people with diabetes. 

It also had smooth, almost thick texture. It only had a little clumping but overall we were pleasantly surprised at how smooth it was, even shaken by hand.


The big negative of Transformation Protein is cost. The standard 2lb bag is about $60 and good for only 18 shakes. That comes out to over $3 per shake, making it a lot higher than many other mid- to high-quality protein powders that usually priced around $2 per shake .

And they only sell one size. We would’ve liked to them sell sell larger sizes, which would help lower the price per shake.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If the cost is an issue, know that Transformation Protein offers a 30-day money back guarantee. That’s plenty of time to see if your workouts and health improve from this protein powder. Plus they offer a 15% discount when you subscribe to regular deliveries.

3. Sprout Living Epic Protein (Original) – High Protein Organic Vegan Powder

  • Multisource plant-based protein with 26g of protein per serving
  • Certified organic and vegan with zero grain, soy, GMO, and gluten 
  • Available in convenient sizes – from 5lb bags to small single-serve packets
  • Blended with Sacha Inchi, Jerusalem Artichoke and other superfoods
  • Smooth texture with a mild flavor and only 1 net gram of carbs

If you have diabetes and looking for plant based powders, Sprout Living’s Epic Protein should be on the top of your list. You get a solid 26g of clean protein sources, superfood ingredients, and zero added sugar. The cost is OK – not expensive but not the cheapest – so it’s at the middle on our list at #3.

High Protein Vegan Blend

Epic Protein uses a blend of yellow pea, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, cranberry seed and Sacha Inchi. Their blend packs a solid 26 grams of protein per serving. That’s actually higher than some animal-based proteins!

And they use natural ingredients directly sourced from farmers and growers. This gives them more control over the quality of their ingredients.

Superfood Ingredients

We also like the added health benefits from superfood ingredients like Jerusalem artichoke, cranberry seeds and Sacha Inchi.

Jerusalem artichoke (or sunchoke) is root vegetable and prebiotic fiber. Cranberry seeds not only have protein but are full of antioxidants. And Sacha Inchi comes from a South American plant and is full of healthy omega fatty acids.

close up of sprout living
Close up of our 1lb bag of Epic Protein

Mild, Nutty Taste

We mixed the original (unflavored) version with water and it had a nice mild and nutty flavor. The nut flavor probably comes from the Sacha Inchi and it only has 1 net gram of carbs so it had a light sweetness. We liked the mild taste as-is but can see this mixing well with low sugar nut milk (to keep it vegan) and other ingredients to suit your taste.

It also had a surprisingly smooth texture even just with water. Using our shaker we got very little clumping and no froth – so we were impressed!

Price is Average

We rank the price as average. The 2lb container comes out to $2.5 per shake, which is higher than other vegan protein blends. But it’s justified with premium ingredients (like Sacha inchi and Jerusalem artichoke), zero additives and higher protein than others.

And you can bring that cost down more if you get the larger size and subscribing knocks off another 15% off.

4. MyProtein Impact Protein Blend – Good Value Whey Blend

  • Affordable blend of whey protein concentrate and whey isolate
  • Comes in five flavors and all with only 3g of sugar
  • 21g of protein per serving is on the low side
  • Has some artificial flavor and additives
  • MyProtein offers plenty of discounts, deals and savings

We like MyProtein Impact Protein Blend because of it’s great value. The standard 2.2lb bag uses a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate for only $1.30 per shake. But it does have some additives and fillers so it ranks lower on our list.

Blend of Whey Concentrate and Isolate

What’s the difference between whey protein concentrate and isolate? Both are made from the leftover protein from the cheesemaking process but whey isolate is more refined and has more protein (at least 90% protein).

So MyProtein gives you a potent combo of whey protein powder for only $1.30 per shake!

Plenty of Flavors, But Sweet

One plus is they have five flavors to choose from. They have the typical chocolate and vanilla but also fun flavors like salted caramel. So a bonus if you want more variety with your protein powders.

We tried the “chocolate smooth” flavor, which tasted like milk chocolate but was too sweet for our taste. This was surprising because it only has 3g of carbs but this could be from the sweeteners they use (read below).

So if it’s too sweet for you we suggest mixing it with a low sugar nut milk or bland, low sugar ingredients to help balance it out.

Low Protein and Artificial flavors

The main negative is it only has 21g of protein, making it one of the lowest on our list. And the fact that it’s a blend of whey concentrate and isolate, that number is even more underwhelming.

Also, they use artificial sweeteners and additives which in our opinion lowers the quality. They use ingredients include sucralose and Acesulfame K (low-calorie artificial sweeteners), artificial flavoring and xantham gum.

While these can be found in a lot of foods, the product scores lower for us in terms of protein quality and health benefits.

Good Value for Daily Protein Shakes

Overall, you do get a decent whey protein powder at an affordable price. MyProtein Impact Blend is a great option if you plan to drink a lot of shakes but want to save some money.

Best of all MyProtein offers plenty of discounts and deals so you can save even more.

5. LivWell Nutrition Vanilla Protein Blend – Raw, Multi-source Vegan Protein

  • Raw plant-based protein blend packed with amino acids
  • Great tasting vanilla with a smooth texture
  • Only 17g of protein per serving
  • Only sold in one size and cost is average
  • Very low calories may not best for exercising

LivWell Nutrition is another great vegan option that uses raw plant-based proteins and zero, soy, GMOs and artificial fillers. And while it also taste great, we had to rank it last on our list with it’s low protein content and costs that’s a little on the high side.

Raw and Organic Plant Protein

LivWell Nutrition’s uses a protein blend from organic yellow peas, sprouted brown rice, hemp and sacha inchi. This balanced combo of fast absorbing yellow peas and sacha inchi proteins helps with quicker recovery, while slower digesting rice and hemp proteins is for sustained protein intake.

The ingredients also give added health benefits. With the sacha inchi enriched with omega 3 fatty acids and hemp seeds a good source of natural fiber.

Smooth Vanilla Flavor

The vanilla bean flavor had the familiar vanilla taste and wasn’t too sweet. T hey use organic stevia, which can sometimes be overpowering but you don’t get that here. Plus it had a nice hint of cinnamon to help balance out the sweetness.

LivWell Nutrition also has a nice smooth texture without any gritty feel. We used our hand shaker and mixed it with water, and had no clumping or frothiness.

Low Protein and Calories

The biggest downside is its low protein content. It only has 17g of protein per serving, which is lower than average and the lowest on our list.

It also has on 91 calories per serving. That may not seem bad if you’re trying to watch your weight or if using this protein powder as a snack before bed.

But the low calories is probably not going to give you the energy you need before an exercise.

LivWell Nutrition back of package
Close up of nutrition label

Cost and Options Could be Better

LivWell Nutrition’s Vanilla Protein Blend is available in one size good for 15 servings. At $30 per bag, that comes out to $2 per shake – which isn’t bad but could be better.

While their protein blend uses a superfood Sacha Inchi, the rest of the proteins are fairly common. So in our opinion the price should be a bit lower.

Also, they only sell it in one 14oz size. That won’t last long if you drink protein shakes regularly so adding options is what they need to work on. But if you have protein shakes regularly, you can subscribe to LivWell Nutrition and get an extra 10% off.

How Do They Compare?

ProteinNet CarbsCaloriesPrice/Drink
Naked Nutrition (5lb)25g3g120$1.25
Transformation Protein30g4g160$3.33
Sprout Living (2 lb)26g1g130$2.50
MyProtein (2.2 lb)21g3g130$1.60
LivWell Nutrition17g5g91$2.00
All amounts are per serving

Let’s Review – Here’s Our Best Protein Powders for Diabetics (August 2022)

  1. Naked Nutrition Grass-fed Whey Protein: 100% pure whey concentrate protein from grass-fed pastured cows, no additives, sweeteners – all for a very reasonable price.
  2. Transformation Protein: A performance blend of egg, collagen and plant-based proteins for a more complete powder and an impressive 30g of protein per shake.
  3. Sprout Living Epic Protein: Certified organic and multi-source plant based protein blend with a notable 26 grams of protein, making it one of the best vegan options out there.
  4. MyProtein Impact Protein Blend: Good value whey protein blend, great if you’re an everyday drinker but don’t want to break the bank.
  5. LivWell Nutrition Vanilla Protein Blend: Raw organic vegan protein but with low protein content and price could be better.

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