Metformin and Eggs

eggs in carton with title "Can You Eat Eggs While on Metformin"

It can be hard for people with diabetes to find the right foods that won’t increase their blood sugar. And that can be even harder if you take medication that has diet restrictions. Metformin is one of the most common diabetes medications and the good thing is there’s not a lot of foods you have … Read more

Is Fish Good for Diabetics?

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Finding the right foods is not always easy for people with diabetes.  You have to think twice and make smart choices for proper blood sugar control. So is fish good for diabetics? Definitely yes!  Fish is a great source of protein and very low in carbs so it won’t spike blood sugar levels.  Read about … Read more

Glucerna Ingredients: Good for Diabetes?

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Glucerna is one of the few drink products meant for people with diabetes to help control blood sugar. And some diabetes care providers may recommend it as part of diabetes diet. But when taking a closer look at the Glucerna ingredients, its carb content and artificial additives don’t convince us that this is helpful for … Read more

Tirzepatide Side Effects

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Tirzepatide is a new a medication for people with type 2 diabetes that, along with exercise and diet, can help improve blood glucose levels and manage weight. It’s a medication that is injected once a week and has been shown just as effective (or more) than insulin treatment. But there are some serious Tirzepatide side … Read more

Are Oranges Good for Diabetics

woman eating orange slice

Oranges are tasty, versatile and a well-known fruit to people around the world. Their sweetness and slight tartness make them popular in several drinks and dishes. But because oranges are sweet and contain mostly carbs, are oranges good for diabetics? You may be quick to push them aside because of their natural sugar but oranges … Read more

Insulin Needle Sizes

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Taking insulin is part of everyday life for many people with diabetes. While there’s different ways to take insulin, the traditional syringe is still widely used today. But syringes come in different insulin needle sizes that can impact the comfort insulin injections. We take a close look at insulin syringes and needles, how they’re different … Read more

Berberine Vs Metformin

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People with type 2 diabetes have probably heard of both Metformin and Berberine because they have a lot in common. Both are very good at blood sugar control, inexpensive, and have been around for years. But one is an FDA-approved medication and the other is a natural supplement. So what are the differences? We compare … Read more