Using the Diabetes Plate Method

plate with set portions

The diabetes plate method is an easy way to control your calories and should play a big part of your diabetes self care. Being overweight is a common risk factor for people with type 2 diabetes and if left unchecked, will only make your condition worse. We know portion control is not easy, which is … Read more

Fiber and Blood Sugar


Dietary fiber is associated with improving heart disease, lower blood cholesterol and protecting against other cardiovascular risk factors. But did you know fiber is also helpful for people with Type 2 diabetes. Dietary fibers can help minimize blood sugar spikes and are a part of a healthy diet to help control blood glucose levels. But … Read more

Dealing with Carbs and Diabetes

carbs choices

Get the key facts on carbs to help you take control diabetes Carbohydrates are an important energy source for the body. But carbs can be challenging for people with diabetes because of its impact on blood sugar level. You don’t have to stop eating carbs if you have diabetes but you do have to choose … Read more

Meal Planning Hacks

Meal planning is important for managing diabetes but can be a lot of work. These simple hacks will help Type 2 diabetics make meal planning more convenient and time saving, without limiting too variety.