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Prediabetes FAQ
Prediabetes is the early onset of type 2 diabetes, which is a health condition where the body can't control blood sugar levels. Whether you’re newly …
Gestational Diabetes FAQ
Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a health condition caused by high blood sugar levels during pregnancy.  If you’ve been recently diagnosed with GDM or know …
Diabetes Basics
Diabetes is a common, long-term health condition that occurs when the body cannot control blood sugar levels. Whether you're newly diagnosed or know someone with …


Review: Portions Master Portion Control Plate
Portion control is a great way to lose weight and help people with diabetes manage blood sugar levels. But we know it's not easy because …
Using the Diabetes Plate Method
The diabetes plate method is an easy way to control your calories and should play a big part of your diabetes self care. Being overweight …
Fiber and Blood Sugar
Dietary fiber is associated with improving heart disease, lower blood cholesterol and protecting against other cardiovascular risk factors. But did you know fiber is also …


Review: FitVille Footwear
For people with Type 2 diabetes, foot issues can make getting around painful and frustrating. That's a big problem because walking is actually one of …
Why Walking is Perfect for Type 2 Diabetes
We go over why walking is the best way for people with diabetes to start lowering blood sugar, reduce stress and improve heart health.
Resistance Band Squats: Get Strong the Easy Way
Banded squats are an easy and safe way to burn calories and get stronger.  Strength training burns tons of calories, helps lose weight and is …

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