Fast Facts on Lyumjev Insulin

Lyumjev insulin lispro-aabc is a new, rapid acting mealtime insulin with impressive onset times. We talk about this new insulin, how it compares to other insulins, and the benefits of a fast acting insulin for diabetes self care.

What is Lyumjev?

Lyumjev (insulin lispro-aabc) is made by Eli Lilly and Company and was approved by the FDA in 2020 for the treatment of Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Lyumjev is taken via injection using either with an insulin syringe and vial, or their insulin pen “KwikPen.” Insulin pens are portable for easy travel and insulin coolers help keep insulin intact for those longer trips.

And in 2021, the FDA approved Lyumjev for use in insulin pumps for people with Type 1 diabetes.

Lyumjev is a Bolus Insulin

Lyumjev is a bolus type insulin. Bolus insulins are fast acting and are meant to lower or prevent high blood glucose spikes. Bolus insulins are taken before meals and is why they’re sometimes called “mealtime insulins.”

sample blood glucose on bolus
Example of how bolus insulins control blood sugar spikes after meals.

The other type of insulin is called basal. Basal insulins work over a long period of time and is meant to keep blood sugar levels to a healthy or baseline level.

sample blood glucose on basal
Example of how basal insulin keeps blood sugar “leveled” over a period of time.

What Makes Lyumjev Stand Out

It’s Newer Than Other Lispro Insulins

Lyumjev contains lispro-aabc insulin, which is the newest type of lispro insulin. The other lispro insulins are Humalog, which was approved in 1996 and Ademolog approved in 2017.

And for some quick history, the oldest bolus insulin (Humulin R) was approved in 1983. That’s nearly 40 years ago!

timeline of insulins

It’s Rapid Acting

When compared to other insulin lispro brands, Lyumjev stands out when it comes to how quickly it takes effect (or “onset time”).

Humalog and Admelog are lispro insulins have an onset time of between 5 to 15 minutes after injection. On the other hand, Lyumjev has on onset time of 1 minute after injection. That’s over 10x faster compared to Humalog and Admelog!

It Acts Like Natural Insulin

This study compared the developmental version Lyumjev with Humalog and other rapid insulins. And not only did the study find that Lyumjev was the fastest acting, it also found that it closely matches the body’s glucose response found in people without diabetes.

Benefits of Lyumjev

A faster acting meal time insulin like Lyumjev can provide a lot of convenience in your daily diabetes self care.

Less Planning

waiting for food

You don’t have to wait 15 to 30 minus after taking insulin before you can eat. Timing meals and insulins can be a hassle and keep people from proper diabetes self care. Just imagine the headache at being a restaurant and not being sure when your food will arrive.

Lower Chances of Low Blood Sugar

The other benefit is Lyumjev’s fast onset and fast peak time, which allows it to pass through the body faster. This can help lower the chances of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), especially during sleeping hours.

More Efficient with Basal and Bolus Insulins

And if you’re only taking a basal insulin, adding a bolus insulin (like Lyumjev) gives you a more efficient blood glucose control regimen. This means taking less insulin overall which can lessen the amount of weight gain while on insulin (which is a common side effect).

Lyumjev Insulin Costs

Like many other prescription medications, the cost of Lyumjev will vary based on your medical insurance, pharmacy and other factors. But based on estimates from, Lyumjev costs about $300. That’s a lot higher than Humalog (lispro insulin) which is about $50 – $ 80.

humalog insulin injection pen
Humalog insulin pen


Lyumjev contains insulin lispro-aabc – the newest and fastest bolus insulin commercially available to help control blood sugar spikes for Type1 and Type 2 diabetes. Compared to Humalog and Admelog lispro insulin, Lyumjev takes effect in just one minute which is over 10x faster.

You can take Lyumjev at the beginning of your meal, rather than having to time meals and insulin injections with slower acting insulins. And because Lyumjev clears your body faster than other insulins, this can help reduce the chances of hypoglycemia.

The costs of Lyumjev are a lot higher than Humalog and other lispro insulins. But if you’re looking for rapid acting insulin and the added convenience to your diabetes self care, then Lyumjev is definitely one to look into.

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