FitVille Footwear (Review 2022)

For people with Type 2 diabetes, foot issues can make getting around painful and frustrating. That’s a big problem because walking is actually one of the best exercises for diabetes. Most shoes don’t have the comfort you need if you suffer from diabetes-related foot conditions, and can even make foot condition worse. So the DiaBettr team tried out FitVille shoes, one of the few shoe brands designed for people with diabetes or foot conditions.

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FitVille’s Stride Core Running Shoe


  • Comfortable
  • Non-slip, feels steady
  • Prolonged walking/standing


  • Mediocre design
  • Limited color options
  • A lot of ankle space

FitVille’s Stride Core running shoes are designed for people with foot issues, like diabetes-related nerve damage. These conditions can make walking more painful because most shoes are too narrow and create friction. And you may not feel that friction due to numbness, making the foot condition worse.

FitVille’s shoes are made with their patented “PropelCore” dual-density soles, which they’ve designed to east foot discomfort. The Stride Core has a wide toe box to give extra room and uses a breathable upper (the entire part of the shoe that covers the foot) for more breathability and comfort.

Our Experience with FitVille shoes

We used FitVille’s Stride Core shoes doing mostly light-intensity walking, and short bursts of jogging on a treadmill. Our tester, Jeff, is a 43-year old male with a high BMI and exercises about once a week. Our tester used the men’s version but from our research, should be similar to the women’s version.

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What We Like

One of the first things we noticed was how comfortable the shoes are. The padding and the sole gave the right amount of cushion. The shoes did feel a little loose around the ankles – which took some getting used to – but our feet felt snug and secure.

We imagine the extra space is to let the shoes breath better. Our tester spent about 45 minutes with the shoes but said he could have spent over an hour walking in the shoes and would have little discomfort.

The other thing we noticed was walking felt more steady and balanced. The shoe’s wide base and anti-slip helps ‘plant’ your feet to the ground so you’re less likely to stumble.

Even during light jogging, the shoes kept our tester steady and didn’t have to worry about slipping or tripping on the treadmill. This makes us think these shoes would do well for more intense exercises like rocket jump squats.

Fitville shoe tread
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We also thought the Stride Core’s price was reasonable, which sells for about $90. That’s priced below from competitor where their shoes for diabetes are priced well above $100.

What We Don’t Like

The Stride Core’s bland design and limited color options are the biggest negatives. The azure colored shoes we tested had some yellow trim for contrast but is mostly just blue. The other color options are black and tan so you don’t have a variety to choose from.

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The overall design is clean but does look a little bland. The brand’s “F” logo is on each side and doesn’t look too busy (a plus for us). But aside from basic lines and stitching, the overall design doesn’t really catch the eye.

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There’s nothing wrong with simple designs but having only two other colors available is a drawback in terms of looks and appearance.

And according to their website, FitVille only sells four other shoe models designed for diabetes. While competitor Orthofeet sells over a dozen models.

Our Verdict

We give FitVille’s Stride Core a score of 8/10. The shoes really do provide extra comfort and cushioning that you don’t find in most shoes. And the wide toe box and anti-slip feature makes your feet more secure, which is important when exercising.

But the bland design and lack of color options is what lowered the score for us. With competitor brands offering more styles (but at higher prices), it would be nice for FitVille to offer more colors to choose from.

If you care more about performance than design, then the FitVille’s Stride Core is a reasonably priced athletic shoe to start exercising and getting fit.

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